About MashON

When we began to build MashOn, we had no intentions of becoming another marketing agency to dominate a specific niche, a localalized area/niche or to gain a ton of clients. We’ve tried client work prior to MashOn and did not like it – realizing during the process (since we were doing everything ourselves in the beginning) that we enjoyed creating and improving SEO products and SaaS campaigns way more.

We love to tinker, test and produce new advances in guest posting, custom outreach marketing, PBN builds constantly improved to stay ahead of the algorithms and every other kind of SEO. Instead of focusing on generating clients, we took our passions to improve on the quality people expect today when they [buy guest posts], PBN builds and other [white hat SEO] in the current marketplace, to improve on and create a BETTER quality standard that you have to see to believe.

Our main GOAL every time we begin to develop in-house SEO services and products is to set a NEW QUALITY STANDARD to the current “best quality” available today, and then to make the process scalable once the staff is trained to execute the product process perfectly. That’s it!

We’ve taken the time and effort to put an extensive in-house team together which we can train, improve and perfect with new SOPs we build to try new things every week, and the SOPs in place today that have made it through our rigorous testing processes to create the product quality you’ll grow to love once you try us out.

Benjamin Reed, Founder 

Oliver Long, Co-founder


EglobalMoghuls, BHW

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